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The Engineering Industry across varied sectors is driven by Electrical Control Panels and Electrical Components and they are virtually synonymous with the optimal functioning of any industry. That is the reason why demand for Electrical Relay and Control Panels and Electrical Components are burgeoning. Concurrent with this inelastic demand for Electrical Components and Relay Accessories, the industry users have had to grapple with the problem of finding vendors who are reliable, efficient, qualitative and consistent.

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We refer following Indian standards for manufacture of Control Panels.
  • IS 2032 - Graphics Symbols.
  • IS 375–1963 and IS 5578–1970 - Wiring.
  • IS 3618–1966 - Treatment of Steel.
  • IS 1897–1983 - Copper Busbar.
  • IS 5082–1981 - Aluminum Busbar.
Quality Objective
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  • Wiring Diagrams along with Panel
  • 100% Panel testing
  • High voltage testing